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My Art News Letter #27

Improve your art business

Thank you for showing your art on MyArtClub.Com. We want to give back to you and to the artist community at large by conducting an industry survey on your behalf.

Knowing what, where, and how other artists earned their art business income during 2011, we believe can help you make more informed plans for your efforts to market and sell your art in 2012.

MyArtClub.Com has launched a new survey to help you learn what you need to know. We plan to compile all survey submissions and publish the aggregated results on our Art Marketer’s blog, just in time for spring art sales.

Please act now, survey closes Feb 14, 2012. Simply come to www.MyArtClub.Com/Survey and fill in your answers. We do the rest.

If you do join our survey, please review our definition of “art business income” which we hope will serve as a guide:

“Art business income”  is any income from your work as an artist is the source of income for your art business.  Please do not include commissions paid to galleries or agents, and do not include money earned from salaried positions (such as being an art gallery administrator, or say an art school teacher).  You can however include income such as grants or sponsorships etc. that support your personal art business.

Your personal submission details will be kept confidential. We believe your own answers will give you insight to your own business story. If you would like a copy of your personal submission, and to be sent a full report of the findings, please enter your email at the end.

We hope you will find this of interest, and if so, would ask if you could please pass this along and encourage your artist colleagues to join in. The more details we gather, the better our results will be for all.

Thank you for being with MyArtClub.Com, we look forward to helping you succeed in 2012

Cam Anderson and Peter Newell,
Webmasters of MyArtClub.Com

If you have ideas or questions please let us know at [email protected].

In this edition

MyArtClub.Com launches our latest artist survey on improving your art business. Read the details on the article to the left. Take the survey at www.MyArtClub.Com/Survey.


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